Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Let’s get out of that funky funk!

Hey Babes,

Happy hump day! Has anyone been in a funk lately, I know I have! Not a fun funk where I’m dancing to some Motown , but a mood in which it feels like gray skies are following you wherever you go. I’m here to tell you some secrets to help you get through this ungroovy mood. First of all, I can’t promise that this will totally unfunk you , but it will definitely help when you are feeling negative or unhappy.

    Reach out to an old friend and catch up on life
     - doing this can make you happy and feel more connected with loved ones.

    Treat yourself to your favorite foods
-       yes, I am guilty of eating yogurtland more than once and getting my favorite vanilla chai almonds a bit more this month, but it made me happy so who cares!

Focus on the bigger picture
-       think about everything you have going for you and put a focal point on what you want to achieve in life, whether that is being a great person, owning your own company, or backpacking around the world.

Keep yourself busy
-       join a club, go on a run, get that killer internship you always wanted! Surround yourself with positive vibes and activities.

Love deeply
         - love yourself, your friends, love what you do. Look at all the love you have in your life, and if you are still feeling down focus on SELF LOVE. Go buy yourself flowers, love the body and soul you have.

Write it down
-       when I’m feeling blue writing helps relieve me. Whether it is a simple poem, a journal entry, or a blog post. Writing can relieve your feelings so that they don't keep building up on top of each other. 

Dance it out
-       blast your favorite song and dance / sing it all out! Grab a friend and go crazy !

I literally have done all of these , and they have helped me feel better. Even if you are in the funk zone these things can give you some comfort, and trust me one day you will wake up and say I’m super happy today and the negative spell will be over! Happy Wednesday , I love you all .

Remember you are loved,


P.S. If anyone needs anyone to talk to , or advice email me at

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Take Your Own ADVICE! 

Happy Hump-day Babes!

You probably give advice all the time. You tell your best friend she is beautiful when she is feeling down, advise her to dump the loser that cheated on her, emphasize that she is gorgeous no matter what she is wearing, and remind her to be confident. My question is - do you take your own advice? When YOU are feeling down do you tell yourself you’re beautiful? When that same type of loser cheats on YOU do you dump them? And do YOU tell yourself you’re gorgeous no matter what you wear? The reason I ask this, is that it has come to my attention that I rarely take my own advice when I need it. I give people inspirational words of wisdom, which I do believe, but why can’t we believe ourselves when it comes to us? Is it so hard for us to listen and accept our own thoughts for ourselves, because how are we any different from our best friends? Next time you are in a situation ask yourself “What encouragement would I give to my friends”? I know it’s really hard, but try it out.

“It is a good divine that follows his own instructions”. ~William Shakespeare

You are an incredible human being, don’t forget!



Monday, September 22, 2014

Mirror, Mirror on the wallll.......


I have a question for all of you… How many times a day do you look in the mirror? I want you to count. I will too. I’m writing this because I have a mirror in my room that literally is the worst. I look at it and get upset. Not joking. We like to call it a circus mirror because at different angles you see different views of yourself that don’t all look the same. After this encounter with the circus mirror I thought “what other mirrors are lying to me”? My answer to this self imposed question is ALL OF THEM! Mirrors = lies. A bit dramatic, I know but what do mirrors do for you? Do they tell you how beautiful you are , can they see inside that gorgeous mind that has endless ideas and goals? If they do that is great, but if they make yourself feel bad and have a negative perception don't listen to those judgements. I know that my mirror doesn't reveal my thirst for knowledge and desire to change the way people think. It doesn't show me the love I have for my friends and family, or the ache of my legs after a hard run. It reveals merely an image of a person. Mirrors will never go away, but don't let them bring you down. Some tips if they are making you feel bad:

1. look for something that you absolutely love about yourself and compliment it.
2.put up encouraging quotes around your mirror off your mirror 


"We have to learn to be our own best friends because we fall too easily into the trap of being our own worst enemies"- Roderick Thorp

You are an amazing human being who should treat yourself better than anyone else. Be happy, live happy. 

Happy Monday xoxo,


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

In a time when there is plenty of food to go around, why should I feel bad for ordering a salad on a date? 

"I hate when girls just order a salad" , "I love a girl who can eat" these sayings are popular among guys when observing what their date may order at a restaurant. Personally,  I love me a good burger and fries every once in a while but a salad does the trick for me. I realized that as I have dated I have avoided ordering a salad because I didn't want to be "that girl". As a consequence I have chowed down on numerous meals that were a lot more food than I needed , resulting in a few more unwanted pounds. Seeing it now, I would do it all the time to impress my date or boyfriend . I would order the burger and fries with extra bacon to stick it to the man and show them I'm different, but I'm not. I really love salad and why should I give up that fresh crisp taste for a piece of meat that wasn't needed? As I changed my ways and started ordering lighter meals (that happened to be some of my favorite foods) I would get snide remarks from men. For example out for breakfast the other day and as I ordered my avocado with toast, my favorite meal to start the day , the guy I'm dating murmured to the waitress "she ate yesterday", as he went on ordering his meal. Yes, I know my meal is small but I like it that way. I'm sick of being judged for eating too much or too little on dates so now I'm just sayin fuck it. If you want that steak go for it and if you want that kale salad, do it. Don't feel like you have to order certain things when you are dating because to be honest, if you are getting judged by what you order that guy is probably the wrong guy for you. Stop thinking you have to order a ton of food because in the end it probably will result in an uncomfortable food coma. Food is delicious and healthy food is even better, so have no shame when ordering your favorite Greek salad or scrumptious double- double! 

Have a fabulous day babes!